If you are selling well Amazon or eBay in USA, why not naturally expand to Mexico? Mexico is a huge market with 130 million population and 1.15 trillions GDP (2017). If your merchandise are selling well in USA, it will also sell well in Mexico.

There are some barriers to sell in a different country. The main barrier is the shipping. Why domestic shipping is easy, international shipping to Mexico is not straight forward. To cross border, you need to go through custom clearance. The process involves hiring custom broker, preparing commercial invoices, arranging freight carriers, etc. It is tedious.

America Ship takes care of all the tedious work and make it easy and transparent for you. You just need to ship to Brownsville, Texas and we will handle the custom clearance and arrange shipment to destination. Our shipping covers entire Mexico. If you sell on Amazon Mexico, it requires a RFC ID. We can provide you a RFC ID.

The cost with America Ship is the lowest, compared with other carriers such as FedEx, DHL or freight lines. You not only save costs, but also save time with us. It is hassle free with America Ship. You can focus on your selling and business itself, instead of the logistics.

We are helping thousands of Amazon sellers to expand to Mexico. Most products listed for sale on Amazon Mexico currently cross through America Ship. We are happy to see our clients are prospering as FBA sellers.

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