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The cost calculator following is for packages or pallets only. For Full Truck Load (FTL), please submit  request for a freight quote.

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Shipping between USA and Mexico

Shipping consists of 3 parts:

  1. Shipping Cost: $10.88 for the first 1kg, $2 for each extra 1kg. Flat rate to most of Mexico addresses except some zones which are subjected to additional charge. 3-5 business days Economy Shipping. To get started, please register in our website so that we can assign you a free mailing address and send you an RFC ID.
  2. Customs Tax and Duty: 16% of your merchandise’s value. A receipt showing the value will be sufficient for custom clearance (*See exceptions below).
  3. Handling Fee:$5 every inbound package

If you have multiple packages to combine together, we do not charge consolidation fee. But we still charge $5 per package we receive.

*Note Exceptions: The custom clearance is a complex procedure. We can not guarantee the 16% for all merchandise. The known exceptions are:

  1. Vitamins, supplements, foods
  2. Shipments to Amazon Mexico FBA or Mercado Libre

Prohibited Items:

1. Any liquid
2. Any powder
3. Any firearms and accessories
4. Other prohibited items by law

(This list can be updated without notice)

If your packages meet any condition in the list above, the customs duty & tax will be assessed at $2.5 per pound (billable weight) , or 16% of the value,  whichever higher. The minimum charge per package is $20.00.

Shipping from China to USA (Air)

Shipping consists of 3 parts:

  1. Shipping Cost: $25 for the first 1kg, $7 for each extra 1kg.  Flat rate to entire USA.  Delivery time is about 7 days.
  2. Customs Tax and Duty: Free if commercial value <$600, or else 25% of the total value.
  3. Handling Fee:$5 every inbound package

Shipping from China to Mexico (Air)

Shipping consists of 3 parts:

  1. Shipping Cost: $35 for the first 1kg, $12 for each extra 1kg.  Flat rate to entire Mexico.  Delivery time is about 10 days.
  2. Customs Tax and Duty: 16% of the total value.
  3. Handling Fee:$5 every inbound package

*Note: All shipping rates from China are subject to seasonal changes without notice.

** Ocean shipping is case by case, please contact us for a quote. Typically, it is $3 per kg to USA with delivery time around 30 days, and $6 per kg to Mexico with delivery time around 35 days, door to door.  All rates here subject to change without notice. Custom duty and tax is only an estimation based on the experience of America Ship.

Shipping to China

America Ship has shipped millions of packages in the past 12 months. Therefore, we have the enterprise level pricing agreements with FedEX, UPS, DHL, USPS, SF express, Estafeta, etc. We can ship worldwide with the lowest rates. We pass the savings to our customers. The following table lists the rates we offer to China from USA. We will provide you the shipping labels. You can drop to your local carrier, either FedEX, UPS or USPS.

Shipping cost to China from USA (regardless of documents, parcel or freight):

Weight (lbs)   China (mainland)         Hong Kong
1 $25.00 $25.00
2 $29.00 $29.50
3 $33.00 $34.00
4 $37.00 $38.50
5 $41.00 $43.00
6 $44.50 $47.00
7 $48.00 $51.00
8 $51.50 $55.00
9 $55.00 $59.00
10 $58.50 $63.00
x in [11-50] $28.50 + $3.00x $30.50 + $3.25x
x in [51-100] $53.50 + $2.50x $55.50 + $2.75x
x in [101-999] $103.50 + $2.00x $105.50 + $2.25x


The rates are more competitive than other options.  For example, if you weight is 100lbs, the cost will be only $303.50 to mainland China and $330.50 to Hong Kong.

  • Duty and tax is not included. The carrier will help do custom clearance. But duty will be paid by the receiver or the shipper.  Usually, if the total value is below RMB1000.00 ( equivalently USD $140.00) , it will be duty free.

  • The weight goes with billable weight, which is the bigger of absolute weight or dimensional weight.  Dimensional weight (lbs) = L x W x H (in)/139.

  • The main carrier we partner with is FedEx for shipments to China including Hong Kong. But since the pricing the carriers offers to America Ship is dynamic, we may choose UPS or DHL to ship your orders occasionally. Regardless which carrier, we honor the rates listed above. 

  • We provide the shipping label and you drop to FedEx  (or UPS, DHL).

Still confused?

Follow This Example

*Note: the billable weight is the greater one between actual weight or dimensional weight.

Dimensional weight (kg)= Length  x  Width x Height (cm) / 5000, or

Dimensional weight (lbs)= Length  x  Width x Height (inch) / 139  

For example, suppose you have a box with length = 45cm,  width = 30cm,  height  = 25cm, and its actual weight is 4.5kg.  The dimensional weight will be 45 x 30 x 25/5000= 6.75kg.  Since 6.75kg > 4.5kg, the billable weight will be 6.75kg.

Or, if you are looking to distribute your products to clients in Mexico, you can send bulk products to us. We save them in our warehouse on the border for free. Whenever you have an order, just log in and submit a shipment request with the “shipping to” address, product name, and quantity, and we will ship it. 

In case you have returned items from Mexico, you can have them returned to our warehouse in Matamoros, Mexico. We will bring them back to you in the USA.

Example: Buy an iPhone 8 plus and ship to Mexico.

iPhone 8 Plus Price: $829.00
Shipping to Texas: FREE
Shipping from Brownsville to Mexico: $8.88
Mexican custom duty and tax $829 x 16%= $132.64
Handling Fee: $5.00
Total = $975.52



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