America Ship is pleased to announce that our new warehouse in Houston Texas is open. Houston is hub city in the USA. The warehouse is only 40 minutes to the port. The warehouse is 100k sqft. We will only receive full truck load or containers in Houston.

This new facility is dedicated for fulfillment and distribution service. Fulfillment/Distribution service is available for Platinum members only. The Platinum membership is $19.99 per month.

Our machine learning backed management system optimizes the entire process of logistics. Manage inventory easier, ship orders faster and, save cost more.

The fee structure is as follows:

1) Per order: $2.00

2) Per item: $0.25

3) Apply barcode (such as the Amazon barcode): $0.25 each.

4) Prep service upon request: $0.25 per bag

5) Storage: free up to 30 days, after that, $0.25 per cubic feet per month.

6) Shipping cost: competitive rates. Contact us for a quote.