Our shipping from Mexico to USA is ready to go. If you need such service, please sign up.

(For existing customers, please log in the customer portal and find the instructions on the first page.)

Basically, the logic is very similar as shipping to Mexico from USA. We will assign you a mailing address in Matamoros, MX. Once we receive your package, we will cross the border to Texas and then forward to your destination.


We can ship your packages door to door. From Mexico to USA, the cost will consist of the following:


    1. Shipping from your door in Mexico to the border.
    2. The same flat rate will apply. $8.88 for the first 1 kg, then $2 each additional kg.
    3. Shipping from the border to your address in USA.
    4. 10.88 for first 1 kg, then $2 for each additional kg.
    5. Custom duty and tax: 16% of the value ( a copy of your invoice will be needed)
    6. Handling fee: $10 each package.

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