When you find a new job, or need need to move to a new place, vehicles are the most valuable properties that you need to ship. However, shipping vehicles are not as easy as packages.

America Ship has developed a solution to transport your cars on time, on schedule and with reasonable costs. A new website is fully functioning now (www.KeenMoving.com). KeenMoving basically traces the locations of tens of thousands of trucks. When you submit a shipment request, we will find the truck that best fits your need in terms of pickup and delivery time, location and routes, and costs as well. All this is powered by the latest technology of smart computing developed by America Ship, with patent pending.

On the website of KeenMoving, you can obtain instant quote in 3 seconds, without inputting too much information. If you like the quote, you can proceed to submit a formal request, and we will book transportation for you in 24 hours. It saves your time, but more important saves your valuable time.

Unlike other websites, you won’t be bombarded with texts or emails upon your request. What is happening in other websites is that your request is sold to many carriers, and many carriers will try to contact you to get you business. It is annoying and waste of time. It is hard to find the best service provider in such overwhelming offers.

KeenMoving only chooses the best truck for your and arrange the best route for you. No overwhelming texts, no unsolicited phone calls. The only phone call we may send is to confirm your pickup time and location.

Shipping your cars to Mexico? No problem. America Ship is the only (to the best of our knowledge) carrier that can deliver your cars to and from Mexico.

Shipping your car with KeenMoving is easy and simple. That is it!

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