First of all, we know that custom clearance is a complex process. There are many regulations and countless rules. However, we can not expect our customer to be an expert. That is how America Ship works to help our customers to ship stuff smoothly to Mexico. Successful delivery to destination is our only concern.


To answer this question, What can and can not be shipped to Mexico? We make it simple as follows.


    • Illegal stuff can not be shipped. How to decide legal or not, by your common sense: firearms and all related accessories, bad drugs, explosive or dangerous materials, etc.
    • BB guns, air rifles, and all there accessories can not ship. (Some people may think air rifles/guns are not real, but the situation is NO).
    • All other stuff can be shipped (that means, not prohibitive, but some categories are “Restricted”). To name a few common restricted items, Wine/Alcoholic products are all restricted, subject to 90% custom tax and duty.
    • Fresh vegetables, meat, food are all restricted. Special permit/license needed to import food.
    • “Food” is a broad concept, and it is the most confusing category. Contact us first before you plan to import food related products.
    • Large quantity of any merchandise needs to go through freight shipping with formal entry, not package shipping. Contact us should you have any doubt when you plan to import “a lot”.
    • America Ship is the top expert in shipping between USA and Mexico, which is our slogan, and also our practice.

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