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Frequently Asked Questions

I am in Mexico and I want to send stuff from the US to my home. What is the address that I should put when I buy something so that it gets to you first?

In order for us to assign you a mailing address, you need to sign up and complete the registration. We will assign you a mailing address in 24 hours. The mailing address will be one of our warehouses in USA along the border with Mexico. For example, your mailing address may look like:

John Doe

2450 Courage St

STE 108 – AS xxxx

Brownsville, TX 78521

(The AS xxxx will be your unique number, which be assigned by America Ship)

I need to ship stuff from Mexico to USA, how do I do that?

When you sign up and register, check the option “I also need a Mailing address in Mexico for shipping to USA”, we will provide you an address in our Mexico warehouse. You can feel free to send your packages or freight. We receive it and check in to the inventory. Then, you can log in to submit a shipment request, where you input the destination addrress in USA. We will take care of the rest.

What are the costs and custom duty/tax for shipment to Mexico?

Generally, the custom duty and tax is up to 16% between USA and Mexico, with some exceiptions. The shipping cost starting from $8.8 for the first 1kg. Every extra 1kg costs $2. Our service fee is $5 per inbound package.

Our webpage cost calculation describes how the fees are calculated in detail.

Will we receive our shipment on time?

Generally yes. But due to the nature of shipping, it has exceptions. We collaborate with reliable carriers and a tracking number will be provided for every package. It takes about 1 week from our warehouse to final destination.

Some time windows:

1) After your package delivers to America Ship, it takes 1-2 days to check in and show up in the inventory.

2) Then, you can log in and submit a shipment request. It takes 1- 2 days to prepare the shipment and advise you the total cost.

3) You make payment and we will proceed to ship it. Custom clearance can take about 1-2 buesiness days.

4) Shipping within the country takes about 3-4 days.

Will my packages get stuck on the border?

Never. We are on the border with Mexico. We can cross the bridge and clear custom for you in person. It is fast and there is no hassle for our clients. We take care of all the tedious paperwork.

Do I need to inform you every time before making any purchase?

No need. When we receive your packages, we will check it in to inventory and notify you by email automatically. But it takes 1-2 days to check in after delivery. Therefore, please be patient. If after 2 days, still not checked in, you can log in and submit a “help ticket”. We will investigate and make sure to find your packages.

Do I always have to pay the 16% TAX or (IVA) or it depends on the amounts of the items?

Yes, flat 16% of your declared value. The value should be supported by commerical invoice or purchase receipt. Custom rules are complicated. That is why it is simple to make it flat.

Please review our cost calcuation carefully. There are always some exceptions.

When do I have to pay? before shipping or after you guys calculate the tax and the total cost?

After you submit a shipment request, we will review it, consolidate your packages if necessay and then advise you how much is the grand total by email, including shipping fee, handling fee and custom tax. We will follow the methods described in the cost calculation page. There won’t be any surprise.

You can log in to the customer portal to complete the payment online.



2450 Courage St. Suite 108, Brownsville, TX 78520