Shopping online on US web stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. from Mexico? One thing you may worry is how to ship back to Mexico. International shipping is costly. Custom duty and rules are complicated.


America Ship provides you the best solution. We provide you a Free Mailing address in Brownsville, Texas. Ship your orders here and we forward to you.


No worry about international shipping cost. Brownsville, though in Texas, is on the border with Mexico and very close to Mexico City. We cross the border and ship from Matamoros, Mexico to your address. You enjoy domestic rates!


No worry about custom duty and specifications, we clear them for you!


Compared to other carriers like USPS, FEDEX or UPS, we have absolute advantages. They charge you hundreds of bucks for a small package, but with us, $8.88!


Remember, we also handle shipping from Mexico to USA. You ship to our warehouse in Matamoros, Mexico and we forward to your US address. Same logistics, hassle free!


Shipping between two great countries US and Mexico, is solved, at WWW AMERICA Dash SHIP dot COM (www.america-ship.com)

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