I was asked a question about shipping a box of wine (30 bottles) to Mexico Cancun for party purpose. This is a good question and it challenged our knowledge a little bit. As we focus on shipping packages/parcels to Mexico, shouldn’t we have a clear idea about this?

We know the theory of shipping wines/alcohol in USA. Basically, it is sensitive but not prohibited domestically. You may find answers on the websites of USPS, Fedex, UPS quickly.





The basic law is: shipper (seller) should have a license to ship wine/alcohol in US via either USPS, Fedex or UPS. Without license, forget about it. A licensee can send to licencees and/or consumers.


However, direct international shipping of alcohol with all these common carriers are prohibited. Period.


The question is: Can America Ship provide a solution to ship wine/alcohol to Mexico? The answer is YES.


First, The seller you buy wine from should have a license. Remember, not you, as you are the consumer.

Second, we will take care of the rest to Mexico. How we handle this?

To find out the truth, we asked the custom official in Matamoros Mexico in person. According to the current custom specifications, it is only permitted to import a total of 9 liters of alcohol per trip meaning that it would take us at least 3 trips to cross the border to Matamoros for all 30 bottles. A total of 90% import tax (which seems a bit excessive) will be charged. A receipt showing the value of the alcohol is required. Otherwise, the custom official may value it using their own imagination (actually some tabular figures).

Third, how the carriers in Mexico ship wine/alcohol? Most of them do NOT ship alcohol. But we made many phone calls and found one. It is INBOX. However, they do not provide basic insurance for glass bottles. That means, we should pack the bottles carefully and make it shipping safe.

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